2nd Responsive framework Zurb

Well I haven’t tried this one out yet but from what I can tell it is similar to Twitter bootstrap but it relies  heavily on the Grid framework (which seems to improve on Bootstrap) and out of the box templates which you can find here.

They also use a new technique which is the of canvas layout this it seems is a cool set of pre made HTML frames that you can adjust to place your content or site within which can save lots of time and development costs.This project is also open source and freely available via the download links.

The code is very well written and commented which always is a massive help when trying to figure out what goes where ,  the   ZuRB foundation also make some cool sliders which use Jquery like the Orbit slider which they have managed to produce for at a miniscule 4 kb so If you are looking for a slick responsive slider check it out here.

More responsive frameworks coming soon if you know of any feel free to post.


  1. James 6 years ago

    Nice post having a look at this frame work now have you used boiler plate looks pretty cool bu haven’t tried yet.
    Keep posting


    • Gregory Nelson 6 years ago

      I have seen boiler plate and will try to have a look this week thanks for your comment jim

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