Web design in Ipswich an experiment in SEO

This on my behalf is an search engine optimization experiment to improve my rankings on Google for the search terms “Web Design in Ipswich” .

The rationale for creating this new post for my site is to measure the improvement in my search rankings for this exact term as currently my website http://www.re-spon-sive-web-design.co.uk/ is very hard to find on the search engines even though I have carried through the usual channels of indexing my site and  making the key words appear in my tags, categories and  content within my site.

Web design in specific areas of Google searches are particularly competitive as most web designer have a fair idea of how to get their sites ranked and therefore the space in which I need to be ranked is quite difficult SEO is not a dark art but simply needs lots of time to build the content of the site and create back links which Google or any other search engine likes.

Web designers like to do this by containing a link to their website inside the site that they have built we could treat each back-link on a points basis, this is where many websites and web designers got caught out by using link farms which in essence trick Google into believing that the site has hundred or even thousands of organic links.

Google soon put a stop to this as it released panda and various other ways to check that these links were relevant as these distorted the truth and people link myself who want to write there own original content and hopefully get a higher rank because the content is deemed to be useful would then be rewarded by higher rankings.

Only recently in the news we hear of a worldwide campaign by hackers to uses flash and JavaScript to make it seem like they are clicking on ads this was aptly called the “Chameleon” which mimicked the actions of humans and committed a hefty $6million dollars of fraud.

So all I want to do is to improve my rankings in a very crowded space with the search terms Web Design in Ipswich .

Achieving this is another thing and it may take a little more than this blog to put us on the map let along to get prospective clients to call and commission a site to be built, but to kick of I have mentioned these terms in this blog and as you can see the category will also mention this on the front page of the word press site.

This also throw up a problem as I have two home pages the landing page which is a slider build with sequnce.js and the word press home page which contains all of my recent blog posts, this could cause a problem as the word press content would probably score me more points on the Google scale so might have to consider that maybe have the latest posts on the official home page.

Next post will be on boilerplate ok.

  1. jim 6 years ago

    Yep its all about the back links this will improve your rankings and therefore you will get more business well that’s how it should work but sometimes Google and other search engines can de rank you for having links it considers to be suspect so be careful when building these.

    • paul 6 years ago

      Also be careful not to overload the search terms this can also be harmful to your search rankings quality content relevant to your audience and one quality back link is work more than lots of rubbish or trash links.

    • Author
      greg123nelson 6 years ago

      Yes Paul all things have to be considered including backlinks you may already know of a cool free tool called Traffic Travis which can also help us developers improve our rankings thanks for your comments.


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