Third responsive framework skeleton

Ok another grid framework kind of similar to bootstrap but there’s less to consider as it does not have menu support which could be an issue where your site would need to have a proper menu system like for WordPress. The example sites I have seen re-size nicely so there has been a lot of work put into the media support but if you have a large menu there does not seem to be a way to deal with that as we can see.




Although a splash page or simple page like this one with only three navigation buttons you could get away with it but some have made this work in a WordPress theme but the menu is nowhere near as nice as bootstrap which I would say is more customizable.We can see the grid system is a little better than bootstrap with more grid layouts.



I like the minimalist no nonsense way that they have set up the code libraries leaving it up to the developer to create fresh HTML pages but there is no JavaScript goodides you will have to look elsewhere for those I think I will use this for a splash page but until better menu support I would say bootstrap edges it for me.



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