Web designer in Ipswich (an expermient in SEO)

What a mine field SEO is especially when you need to be some where near the top of Google and Bing to get those calls so blogging and keywords are the best way to climb the rankings as this blog post shows moving up two pages and having the keywords of those blogs like this one come up in search results.

This in my opinion is the best way to climb the rankings talking with keywords and information that is useful to others so they can use the same techniques to rank their site a little bit higher and improve the audience that they wish to reach.

Moving up a couple of pages may not seem like a lot but being found on the web is important that’s why I have now linked my business with Google places which will place you  higher up again when users search for “web designers in Ipswich Suffolk” Google sees the in and assigns a place search which your business will then be held higher in the rankings as your business has to be verified against your address creating a trust between you and Goolge you can also do this with Bing.

I also recommend to my clients that they create Facebook and Google plus accounts as these give social points to businesses in the search engine rankings.

All in all keep improving the site by posting and linkng all of your social media o your accounts this is also part of the service I carry out.



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