app launched

We are proud to say that the app has been launched on android and is available  now as a free download although since launch there are still a few bugs which will be resolved over the coming weeks.

The app is designed to work alongside the website and uses the same technologies and the web based version based on and SQL but with a J query mobile overlay for the mobile version.The app was designed for companies and construction operatives  on the move so the basics are there to find jobs or tradesmen so the app does not have moving images or large image files to load therefore improving the performance on mobile platforms.

Web app implemented in Jquery mobile

Web app implemented in Jquery mobile

As this is version 1.1 this is still a project with work in progress so please be kind when reviewing as we are a small team running this site in our spare time.I think the basic functionality is there and could be improved once we get feed back about the site and app.

If you wish to download the app from the google play store here is a link please feel free to leave feedback.


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