Install WordPress and Phpbb on ubuntu

This is a short guide how to install wordpress with phpbb on an ubuntu server as I struggled to find some comprehensive instructions to do so.

I have been using linux and unix in in different ways and forms to build servers, web platforms and websites for clients for a kick of these are all using the LAMP stack which for those who don’t know is apache2, mysql and linux platform to produce scalable virtual private servers.

Now I started of installing wordpress once logged in on the command line using 


Extract it to the /var/www directory.

tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz -C /var/www

By default all files will be extracted in a directory wordpress so extract them to the www directory.

So to move the files to root of the web server by using command given below.

cp -avr /var/www/wordpress/* /var/www

Then you should be able to navigate to yousite/inex.php and set up your wordpress username ect.

This is a comprehensive guide to install wordpress on AWS.
I found this useful but if you are not using AWS just skip to where you have Ubuntu installed and take it form there.

Once you have word-press installed to install phpbb you do this simply by using these instructions and commands.

sudo apt-get install phpbb3

Then you need to create a symlink by using this command

sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpbb3/www /var/www/phpbb

At this stage you might want to change phpbb for forum so when users navigate to you site they will see forum instead of phpbb in the URL

restart your server

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Once you have word-press installed to install phpbb you do this simply by using this command..
You also must set up your database when installing so create a new database in mysite/phpmyadmin called forum and follow the instructions in Ubuntu to set the username and pass word<
once you have installed phpbb you can navigate to mysite/forum and you should see this screen.

phpbb forum

phpbb forum

Use the default login set in phpbb

username = admin
password = admin

You should now be able to administer your board but you will have to login again to do this.

Please be aware that wordpress and phpbb use different databases but are kept in phpmyadmin so therefore they have different logins you can use the plugin wp-bridge to integrate these but I had no joy and it seems like the site is unsupported.


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