Phpbb vrs Mybb

This post is about the differences pros and cons about Phpbb and Mybb as I have now implemented both on the linux lamp stack with a word press front end.I firstly installed the phpbb which I had quite a lot of difficulty with because of the clumsy way you need to install mods and lets face it without those mods installed the forum is going to be well rubbish so why does it have to be so difficult to install mods is ridiculous the amount of time and effort you need to spend to get the site maps mod or url rewite mods to work.

And then there’s the dreaded auto-mod which is supposed to make the installation of mod easier al it did for me is waste even more time I installed phpbb in minutes but why is it so difficult to add mods that should be include in the package in the first place like url rewrite every one need it so just have it in there.

My advice is there is loads of nice responsive themes to install which by the way is simple but the rest of the mods you are going to need are a arse ache to install properly with lots of different poor instructions and no one helping in the forums.

I have a site running here but had to abandon ship because it was just to much hassle I may revisit but opted to try a different forum software.

phpbb forum

phpbb forum

So after wasting a good couple of days trying to get basic functionality working I decided to go for mybb instead although this is the less established of the two I gave it a go and the installation was quite easy and the plugins/mods were allot easier  taking minutes rather than days to get sitemaps SEO and other basic functionality working I also managed to place Mybb within a responsive wordpress theme so the users have a more integrated experience this was all sorted in one day.

So for me  for simplicity Mybb gets the vote for ease of use but I am struggling to find a responsive theme to go inside of the responsive website I am pretty sure this is because Mybb uses tables which are harder to manipulate with css and frame works like Bootstrap or Zurb.


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