Digital marketing

A lot has been talked about on this blog about the power of social media and the power of digital marketing I myself use Google plus Facebook and twitter to promote my pages, and I get asked a lot mostly how to get sites ranked higher on Google and Bing for certain search terms.I think the key to high ranking websites and getting “return on investment” is to look where your competitors are fisrt of all and understand what they are doing to attract new clients or increase visits.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

A rather good way of attracting new business is to promote your special offer or deal via social media this could be in my case all WordPress sites with themes plus logo build of £200 for one month only this special offer we hope will bring more clients for future work and this can be done freely via Facebook or twitter and you can place a link in your post to the special offer page which alos increases you backlink profile on the search engines.

So social media is your friend when achieving better rankings and also like me its nice to let your customer know what you are doing and that you are still available to take on work. All these small things increase your business profile and improve your rank another good method is to start a youtube channel giving advice or tips on your business or certain skill you carry out in your work if you were a carpenter you may want to post a video of how to hang a door make sure your description of what you are doing is something searchable or something you would think is searchable.

Creating a group or forum within your website can be done quite easily using WordPress which has a plugin BB Press which can be used as a forum by your visitors to comment or communicate with other users on your site.

You could go down the separate  forum root which is suitable for some but not for others but to finish digital marketing is about engaging with your users and providing some useful information or service as long as you are doing that on a regular basis the customers and clients will come.


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